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Our Veteran Franchise Opportunities Are a Great Way to Be in Business!

If you’re a veteran looking for an exciting way to get back to civilian life, Dunkin’s veteran franchise opportunities are the way to go! Veterans often leave the service to become franchisees because the system allows them to utilize many of the skills they developed as soldiers. In fact, one out of every seven franchises is owned by a veteran — and you could be one of them!

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Why Join the

Dunkin’ Brand Family?

With a 70+ year history of serving up some of the best coffee and baked goods available, Dunkin’ has become a brand that millions of people love — attracting more fans every day! We’ve got 10,000+ locations in 60 countries worldwide, and our deep industry experience will help you keep your community runnin’ on Dunkin’!


Why Do Veterans Make Such Good Franchisees?

A Dunkin’ veteran franchise opportunity is perfect for veterans because many of them…

Are able to lead

A distinguishing trait of many veterans is their ability to lead. Veteran franchisees often become community and business leaders and set an example for those around them, including their staff, clients, and customers.

Are able to follow

Veterans also know when and how to follow. They appreciate systems and guidelines to achieve the best results, which is especially useful when partnering with Dunkin’ to leverage our model. Following our process will allow you to manage nearly every aspect of your franchise, taking a lot of the guesswork out of things.

Have people skills

Many veterans gravitated to their military careers because they like being around people and want to be of service to them and their communities. Our veteran-friendly franchises allow you to be in business and be of service at the same time!

Value perseverance and patience

Veterans often see the big picture more easily and can set goals accordingly. They know the importance of patience and perseverance, two qualities that are invaluable when starting and growing a small business.

A Proud Member of the Inspire Brands Family

Dunkin’ is partnered with Inspire Brands™, the second-largest restaurant company in the US, with some of the biggest names in franchising under its wing. With the Inspire team on our side, we’re able to offer you superior support and unmatched purchasing power from the very start!

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Flexible Footprints to Choose From

Our franchise opportunities for veterans come with flexible footprints that are perfect for:

· Airports
· Train stations
· College campuses
· Stadiums
· Malls
· Shopping Centers

We’re also proud to offer qualified veterans significant discounts on the initial and ongoing franchise fees! Reach out to our franchise team for details.


When you partner with Dunkin’ to open your franchise, you’ll…

  • Be in business for yourself, which offers you the opportunity to have greater flexibility and the chance for a better work/life balance
  • Use many of the skills that helped you succeed in the military, like leadership, teamwork, organization, and so much more.
  • Continue to serve your community by offering it some of the best coffee and baked goods on the planet!

So why wait?

If you’re an honorably discharged veteran ready to make your next move, reach out to us today to find out more about opening a Dunkin’ franchise for veterans!